Stop asking everyone else what you should do. 

You KNOW the answer. 

Using simple questions you can ACTIVATE your personal GPS, make confident decisions and 


This is for you if you are ready to...

  • Release the BULLSHIT Stories Holding You Back
  • Uncover ALL The Answers You ALREADY Have Inside You 
  • Take CHARGE Of Your Time Instead Of Wasting It
  • Stop Giving A Crap What Others Think
  • Make Bold And EXCITING Choices 
  • Get Your Shit Together And Have FUN While Doing It
  • Map Out Your Own Badass Blueprint To Get EVERYTHING You Want

I almost quit my business. It's true. Four years of ups and downs and months of no income or clients, and still I never thought about quitting.

Until a few months ago.

Even though my business was doing better than ever -- with a full calendar and clients that I LOVE -- I was dangerously close to giving it all up.

Earlier this year, I received my DIVINE download. The "thing" that I've been waiting for since I began this journey. The anchor that ties together everything I have been learning, teaching and working toward my whole life.

I felt like the 16-year-old version of me again -- she was a BADASS!

That version of me who didn’t let NO stop her.

That version of me who didn’t care what people thought. 

The version that was afraid to fail but did it anyway. 

That version of me who would not sit idly by waiting for life to unfold but would joyfully jump in with both feet first into the things that lit her up!

So I designed an all-inclusive transformational activation AND a LIVE event experience of EPIC proportions.

So what made me almost quit my business?

The minute I contacted the venue, I had to put my money where my mouth is -- literally and figuratively.

That's when fear and doubt set in.

I’m not 16. I am a mother of 3 boys with a mortgage and responsibilities. Who am I to think I can pull this off? Why would anyone commit to this? No one is going to pay this price, even if it is all-inclusive. 

I knew what this fear was. It was a test. When I declared to the Universe that I was ready to help people find their INNER BADASS, the Universe was like, "Really? Are YOU a Badass?"

So I had to ask myself: Am I ready to put it all on the line?

You know what the answer was?

YES I AM. Because I am a BADASS.

And you are too.

I am 100% committed to helping you UNLEASH YOUR INNER BADASS.

What does that mean for you?

  • Eliminating SELF-SABOTAGE
  • Activating the COURAGE to do what you want
  • Using your TIME and ATTENTION in a useful and productive way
  • CLARITY in your vision and the purpose of your mission
  • FOCUS and COMMITMENT towards your dreams as well as your family
  • The ability to make CONFIDENT decisions in your life and business
  • An unstoppable DETERMINATION to succeed no matter the odds.

So what are you waiting for?  It's time to UNLEASH YOUR INNER BADASS!

I'm ready.  Are YOU?

So what do you get as an

Activate Her Now Exclusive Member?


Saturday, July 28th:  Camp BADASS 

We will be pushing you out of your comfort zone with fun activities while reconnecting you with your inner child awakening the spirit that lays within. You will also be bonding with other like-minded women who will become a part of your sisterhood of support way after the event is over.

  • Trapeze
  • Bouncy Pad & Magic Carpet
  • Arts & Crafts Activities
  • Mindful Minutes on Stress Release & Effective Communication
  • Zipline at the Adventure Park of Long Island
  • Breakfast & lunch
  • T-shirt
  • Awesome Swag Bag

Value: $350 

Sunday, July 29th:  Activate Her Now LIVE

  • Transformational event at Long Island's Premiere Boutique Hotel, The Fox Hollow
  • Champagne Brunch for EVERYONE
  • Breakfast included for hotel guests
  • Workshops with well-known industry leaders and speakers to ACTIVATE your INNER BADASS for good
  • Cocktail party & stepping in ceremony to embody your Inner Badass Group Photoshoot to take home that BADASS feeling and remember who you are when you need it most

Value $900

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So what is included in the 

Activate Her Now VIP Experience?

The royal treatment awaits you as a VIP MEMBER.  Step onto the red carpet with the full EXCLUSIVE MEMBER package PLUS:

  • 2 nights accommodations
  • Shuttle to Saturday’s event at Camp and to the Adventure Park
  • Two 60 minute 1:1 Sessions for super customized support and extra love from me on your Badass journey
  • HEADSHOTS to use in branding and social media to show your community and your tribe your BADASS self
  • BADASS Schmoozefest - An intimate gathering to connect and chat with the speakers and other VIP’s
  • A Special SWAG bag with BADASS tools to keep you motivated and focused after our time together
  • And more surprises...

Valued at OVER $1200 for these bonuses ALONE!


  • A private FB Group  to Unleash your INNER BADASS with leading experts to help in your transformation using the M.E. F.I.R.S.T. formula
  • 4 LIVE group coaching calls (Yes, you will get to ask questions and share your BADASSERY) and there will be recording if you can't make it live
  • PDF’s, workbooks and all supporting material including the 7-Step Guide to Healing Your Triggers
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the FB Group 

Value $750

Working with Trish has shifted not only my mindset, but my energy as well. She has taught me to trust myself and allow the universe to guide and support me unconditionally. Before making a connection with her, I was unaware of the power I had within me to change the way I feel in every moment. She is extremely compassionate and authentic from her work ethic to her dedication to empowering women to take responsibility for their own authenticity. After working with Trish, I am truly a better mom, friend and powerhouse woman and am so grateful she has showed me how to connect and listen to my inner guide.

Eleanor Duelley, Holistic Health Coach

I got to meet this amazing woman yesterday and we spent a lot of time together. And in this time there were shifts, breakthroughs, moments of chills, moments of clarity and shared stories of experiences that are personal and powerful.

She helped me to uncover my biggest block to receiving. And that block is trust. She also helped me to understand the meaning of my release card that keeps showing up, and to understand exactly what it is that needs to be released.

Melissa Rodriguez, Personal Evolution Expert and NERDS Queen

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that any words I might have for Patricia are not enough to describe how amazing it is to have her support and guidance in life and business goals. I’m glad I decided to work with you, Trish. It’s really great how easy your steps are to implement and build great relationships at home and feel less triggered by everyone around me. Your success GPS guidance has become a natural way for me to assess if I am on point with my goals or not. It keeps making me feel awesome and confident all the time. I am so thankful you have helped me throughout the last 6 months. You are a true badass woman!

Sneha Jhanb, Stress Management & Confidence Mentor

Don't miss out on the experience of a LIFETIME...

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valued at over $3200!

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