JULY 28 & 29TH, 2018


A 2-day LIVE ACTIVATION to unleash your INNER BADASS with leading experts to help in your transformation.

  • Release all the BULLSHIT stories holding you back
  • Uncover ALL the answers you ALREADY have inside you 
  • Take CHARGE of your time instead of wasting it
  • Stop giving a crap what others think
  • Make bold and EXCITING choices 
  • Get your shit together and have FUN while doing it
  • Map out your own Badass Blueprint to get EVERYTHING you want

  • Two days packed with adventure, creativity, and enlightenment.  Here's your sneak peak of the weekend's events:

    Saturday, July 28th:  UNLEASH your INNER BADASS 

    We will be pushing you out of your comfort zone with fun activities at CAMP BADASS while reconnecting you with your inner child and awakening the Spirit that lays within. You will also be bonding with other like-minded woman who will become a part of your sisterhood of support way after the event is over.

    Some of the activities will include:

    •  Trapeze
    •  Zipline
    •  Giant Swing
    •  Bouncy Pad & Magic Carpet
    •  Arts & Crafts Activities
    •  Bungee Yoga/Dance
    • Mindful Minutes on Stress Relief & Communication 
    • Easy Yoga for Stress Management
    •  Breakfast & lunch
    •  T-shirt
    •  Awesome Swag Bag

    Value: $350 

    Sunday, July 29th:  ACTIVATE Your INNER BADASS

    •  Transformational event at Long Island’s Premiere Boutique Hotel
    •  Champagne Brunch for EVERYONE
    •  Breakfast included for hotel guests
    •  Deep transformational workshops, exercises and activities with well-known industry leaders and speakers to ACTIVATE your INNER BADASS for good
    •  Cocktail party & stepping in ceremony to embody your Inner Badass
    •  Group Photoshoot to take home that BADASS feeling and remember who you are when you need it most

    Value $900

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    This is for you if...

    You want to stop looking for approval to do what you want

    You are tired of doing everything "right" and not seeing results

    You feel stuck but deep down know that you are destined for more

    You cannot bear to see everyone succeed while you are struggling to stay afloat

    You keep trying to get into alignment  but are not sure how to do it


    "Trish is a fire cracker! And I love her because of it. She speaks with passion mixed with wisdom. She blends this with sincerity, a pure heart, laser focus and a mind that organizes your chaos. Whether you are reaching out to her for coaching or Reiki - or I highly recommend both - you are guaranteed to find more inner peace and understanding of how all the pieces of your life fit together, at the end of a session. 

    Trish, is humble in the right way, never assuming she has learned it all, which allows her to continue to add to her skill set you get access to. She asks GOOD questions that bring out the answers that really hit home.

    I appreciate working with her and feel that she has real value to bring. She shows up and it fully committed to anyone she works with. Her integrity is high and she does all she can do, on her end, to bring you to the path of success and results. Finding your inner Ace and cheering them on until they come out - How does she know how to do this - because I have seen her do this within herself. She is a living example THAT “IT” IS POSSIBLE. Thank you, Trish, you inspire me! Look forward to our next session!"

    AmberJane Arquette, Not Your ordinary Healer. Blending Essential Oil Alchemy, Energy Medicine and Core Shamanism and Plant Spirit Messages.

    Patricia is an absolute EXPERT when it comes to relationships, and the mindset surrounding it all. She is my GO TO whenever I'm feeling challenged; whether it be my relationship with myself, my daughter, my family, or my ex. She is a total Mindset Maven, and I HIGHLY recommend her to EVERYONE looking to make sense of their thoughts/feelings, and overall perspective of any situation they're experiencing. Be warned though, only go to Patricia if you're ready for some EPIC change; if you're ready to step outside your comfort zone and make things happen. Everyone who's experienced her level of genius always goes back for more. She is definitely someone you want to have in your 'back pocket' as a go to in order to move forward in your life & business. She is (and always will be) my not so secret, secret weapon of choice. Patricia will help you transform life as you know it, and once you get a taste of her, you will be forever grateful that you took a chance on yourself.

    Angie DaRosa, Transformational Mindset Coach

    "I began working with Trish because I felt that I had some mindset challenges that were preventing me from moving my business forward. I was having trouble figuring out exactly what those specific challenges were, and I was hoping that working with Trish could help to shed some light. Since beginning or work together, I have become more aware of what blocks I am facing and have strategies for dealing with them when they arise to help work through them. Trish is a gifted coach, who is particularly good at helping to uncover and reflect back what is really going on, rather than what you might be telling yourself. She is kind, compassionate and approachable. I look forward to continuing my work with her.

    Sara Fins, Certified Health Coach & Culinary Nutrition Expert

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    Early bird pricing available until Thursday, June 7th, 2018.

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